Arsin rug

With over a century of experience in handmade carpets, Arsin dynasty has set up handmade carpets in different parts of the country with the aim of creating jobs and helping the disadvantaged in one of the centers in Tabriz in 2006. The ancient city of Anabed started from the functions of Bardaskan.

Arsen's handmade carpets are geographically positioned among the male and female rural artists to provide the best and most desirable sheep wool.
Arsine Carpet Manufacturing is one of the most experienced carpet weaving manufacturers with quality control labs that continuously controlled plant dyeing in this unit, which improves the quality of products.

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Gallery of Arsine Carpet

Sultan Abad - Arsin plan
Modern carpet
Jajim and Helim

"Persian Carpets Messenger of Iranian Original Art"

One of the most experienced handmade carpet manufacturers

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