Due to its high quality and traditional weaving techniques, Arsin hand-woven carpet is considered as one of the well-known and popular products in the carpet weaving industry in Iran. These carpets are woven using natural fibers and using traditional weaving techniques. Destris fibers, which are made from goat and sheep wool, are among the most popular natural fibers in the production of handwoven carpets due to their favorable properties.

Arsin handwoven carpet is dyed 100% vegetable. In this method, colors extracted from different plants such as khareza, beetroot, oregano, and saffron are used. This natural dyeing method, in addition to being very useful for people's health, also has a high durability due to maintaining the color and transparency of the carpet.

Arsin handwoven carpet designs are very diverse and include modern and classic designs. These rugs are woven with designs such as flowers, bushes, blossoms, animals and artistic sculptures and can be customized. In addition, different techniques are used in Arsin handwoven carpets, such as chip weaving, gulabeh weaving and glimweaving.

Other outstanding features of Arsin handwoven carpets include resistance to wear, resistance to dust absorption, washability and long durability. These features have made Arsin hand-woven carpets known as one of the best choices for interior decoration around the world. Due to the high quality of Arsin hand-woven carpets, these carpets are known as one of Iran's export products and have received attention in the world market.

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The genealogy of Arsin

Our history

In the year 1290, Arsin rug was born in Tabriz and for several decades, its activities were primarily limited to Tabriz. However, in one of the days of the third decade of 1300, it decided to expand its reach beyond its birthplace, and thus, took a step towards Tehran. After its presence in Tehran, the Arsin group began searching for valuable and antique carpets throughout Iran. This marked the beginning of Arsin's recognition in Iran and subsequently on the global market.

The Arsin family, with over a century of experience in the production and export of hand-woven carpets, has established a series of carpet weaving production facilities with the aim of creating employment opportunities for over 2,000 weavers in underprivileged areas. Arsin's designers bring knowledge and up-to-date designs from all around the world to the Arsin workshop, enabling them to create artworks that cater to a wide range of preferences. We take pride in elevating the art of hand-woven carpets to new heights worldwide.

Entrepreneurship in Arsin

  • Arsin's hand-woven carpet production facilities have the capability to provide the best and highest quality animal fibers due to their unique geographical locations, factories, and direct connections with rural male and female artisans.
  • This collection has made significant achievements in the hand-woven carpet production industry by utilizing natural plant-based fibers and 100% vegetable dyeing techniques, as well as collaborating with the best designers, dyers, and weavers.
  • Furthermore, the Arsin collection, as an exemplary entrepreneur, has provided valuable services to the carpet industry and contributed to the growth of production in underdeveloped areas throughout the country through direct and indirect job creation.