The Arsin family, with over a century of experience in the production and export of hand-woven carpets, has established a series of carpet weaving production facilities in various regions of the country with the aim of creating employment opportunities for over 2,000 weavers in underprivileged areas. Due to its unique geographical locations, factories, and direct connections with rural male and female artisans, Arsin's hand-woven carpet production has the capability to provide the best and highest quality animal fibers.

This collection has made valuable contributions to the hand-woven carpet production industry by utilizing natural plant-based fibers, 100% vegetable dyeing techniques, and collaborating with the best designers, dyers, and weavers. Arsin has also played a significant role in the carpet industry and the promotion of production in underdeveloped areas by creating direct and indirect employment opportunities throughout various regions of the country. It serves as an exemplary entrepreneur, providing valuable services to the carpet industry and contributing to the growth and prosperity of production in less developed areas.