With the centrality of art and handicrafts, silk and silk carpets are among the masterpieces that stand out in the field of handicrafts and handicraft production in Iran. These two types of carpets with stunning designs and patterns, beautiful patterns and colors and exceptional textures, on the one hand, are eye-catching and on the other hand, they have a long history and a deep cultural and artistic value.

Kerak carpet is one of the prominent products of Iran's carpet weaving, which started from the Safavid era. High-quality threads and short piles in the fluffy carpet bring a soft and luxurious look. These carpets are decorated with eye-catching patterns and designs, in vivid colors and in harmony with the environment. The multi-layered and multi-directional texture of Karak carpet distinguishes it from other types of carpets. Part of the beauty and charm of Karak carpet is due to the use of shiny and soft silk threads.

On the other hand, silk carpet is one of the luxurious and unique symbols in the category of Iranian hand-woven carpets. Silk is one of the most valuable and popular natural fibers obtained from silkworms. The texture of the silk carpet is considered as one of the textures with the greatest artistic capacity. Delicate and precise patterns and designs, in various colors, give these carpets a unique beauty. Also, the touch and feeling of soft and delicate silk is one of the pleasant experiences in using these carpets.

As unique pieces of art, silk and silk carpets are widely used in the interior decoration of various spaces such as houses, hotels, historical and cultural collections, exhibitions and art galleries. The special designs and designs of these carpets, along with the use of vivid and diverse colors, create a unique and artistic atmosphere for every space.

In our gallery, you can find the best choices of fluff and silk carpets. We focus on providing superior quality carpets, unique designs and unparalleled authenticity. Due to the years of experience and artistic talent of the owners of production workshops, we can hope that our products will be offered to you in unparalleled quality and beauty.

By choosing a silk and silk carpet for your space, you, as a lover of art and beauty, not only give your interior decoration a special look and charm, but also help to preserve the art and handicrafts of Iran. Each piece of fluff and silk carpet represents the efforts and art of Iranian weavers who played a very important role in creating these artistic masterpieces.

By visiting our gallery, you will be able to view and choose from a variety of designs. Each piece of fluff and silk carpet in our gallery is carefully crafted with precious hand textures. Together with our expert team, we are ready to provide complete information about each piece, its technical description and history to help you choose the best carpet for your home and space.

Considering that each piece of fluff and silk carpet has a very high value, we guarantee that our products are original and of the best quality. Authenticity and quality are always our priority, and we will never compromise the high standards that must be met.

If you are looking for a unique piece of art and a masterpiece of hand weaving, refer to the link below and visit Arsin Gallery's Crack and Silk Collection:


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